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Abinibi Creative Academy (ACA) is driven with the mission to raise world class talents from Nigeria and beyond in the Creative Industry! It is our belief that soon, Nigerian youths will begin to get the much deserved respect in the digital world. The Academy has been running actively since 2009 and we can confidently say we have successfully nurtured and trained over 500 Graphic Designers who are now active in the labour market in Nigeria. 

 Our passion is to raise people of character with awesome talents, who see talent as a tool for solving world’s pressing challenges with an undying view of living their dreams and becoming empowered. We have a serene environment that is comfortable and equipped with ultramodern digital learning facilities capable of reinforcing and upgrading your skills. We have award winning Instructors who are capable of delivering and guide students to reach their full potentials.

 Simply put, we don’t only teach, we impart!

 The classes are done in 100% practical sessions – less talk, more action. Another interesting point is that our students get to discuss real briefs and execute real projects during the entire session.

 Students get to ask question, criticize and give possible solutions to different creatives. So much so that before the end of a session the students are already familiar with problem solving methods and the ability to develop their own personal techniques.

 ACA is a brainchild of James ‘abinibi’, a professional Graphic Artist with over 11 years experience in the creative industry. His passion has always been to inspire and encouraging new talents from different parts of the country.

 His works have won him numerous awards from across the globe, proving that Nigerians are relevantly creative in the international community. James is currently the creative head at Abinibi Multimedia, a design/interactive media studio based in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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